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Barcode Scanners or Readers can be defined as the electronic devices that are specifically used for the decoding and scanning of the encoded data on the barcode label printed on a product. The Barcode Systems which largely include the Scanners and Readers are extensively used in the Manufacturing and Packaging industries. These electronic devices are affixed with a device that releases light for the clear reading of the barcodes.

The Barcode Scanners or Readers, which are designed in such a way that they can be attached to the computer, present a very simple depiction of the data by transferring it to the computer or through a POS system.

History Of Barcode Scanners Or Readers:
The Barcode Scanners or Readers were invented in the 1940s but they were put into practice by the 1970s only. The Barcode Scanners or Readers were first implemented in the stores of America. The first product with a barcode was Wrigley's Juicy Chewing gum.

Kinds Of Barcode Scanners Or Readers:
There are basically five types of Barcode Scanners or Readers which are:

The Pen-type readers consist of a light source and a photodiode. The light source and the photodiode are put subsequently on the tip of a pen. The photodiode releases a waveform for the measuring of the widths of bars and the space between the bar codes. This waveform is further decoded by the Barcode Scanners to get the data about the product.

  • Pen-type Readers:

The Laser scanners almost work in a very similar way as the Pen-type readers. The only difference is that there is laser beam instead of the light source and a rotating prism for the scanning.

  • Laser Scanners:


CCD readers come with various light sensors affixed to them. The basic difference between the CCD readers and Pen-type readers is that the CCD reader measure the released ambient light, whereas, the Pen-type Readers and the Laser Readers measure the light that is reflected from the scanner.

  • CCD Readers:

Camera-based Readers are installed with the camera and the image processing techniques in the reading of the barcodes. The Camera-based Readers are considered to be more efficient in comparison to the other Barcode Scanners or Readers.

  • Camera-Based Readers:

Omni-directional Barcode Scanners are highly advanced as they are very much efficient for decoding even the badly printed, crumpled, and even the torn barcodes on the product. They can be used for different applications such as retailing applications as well as industrial scanning where the main difference is about the reading distance of the barcode and the volume of work.

  • Omni-Directional Barcode Scanners:

The Barcode Scanners in UK are very much essential for the industries as they reduce the chances of manual errors and at the same time provide reliable management system for the data entry of the products. The conventional Barcode Scanners were equipped with the spinning mirrors and prism which made them prone to damage, but with the modern models offered by Barcode Scanners and Readers Suppliers in UK, there is no scope for error.

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Barcode Scanner and Readers

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