The Importance of Barcode Printers in Modern Business

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Barcodes are machine-readable images of data on a visible layout placed on the exterior. Automated ID Data Capture (AIDC) systems are placed into service using barcodes which enhances the rate and precision of computer information input.

Barcode labels or tags that are fastened on articles are printed making use of a barcode printer which is a device connected to a computer. Crates that are to be delivered are usually labeled using a barcode printer which are also used in tagging merchandise with a Universal Product Code

Item tagging in business establishments and malls are normally done making use of a desktop barcode printer which has become an everyday device. Industrial factories and big depots are able to facilitate stock administration and retail systems computerization making use of industrial barcode printers.

UPC and EAN are the more frequently used barcode standards.

The more commonly used barcode for retail products is the Universal Product Bar Code. It holds the identification number as well as the item number that are deciphered when the barcode goes through a scanner.

The standard barcode for Europe is the European Article Numbering. The two distinct models of the EAN barcodes are the EAN-13, which inputs 13-digit numbers, and the EAN-8, which inputs 8-digit numbers. The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, as well as the price of a book are inputted using a unique EAN-13 barcode that has a 5-digit auxiliary code. This is also known as the Bookland.

The length of the bar is used when inputting an item or an account number using the conventional one-dimensional barcode. The PDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix, and other 2D barcodes are read vertically as well as horizontally and can store a significantly bigger amount of information. The PDF417 is a general purpose barcode. Sorting at a high rate can be done with the use of the MaxiCode while tagging smaller items is possible with DataMatrix.

The Direct Thermal (DT) and Thermal Transfer (TT) are the two printing methods that are utilized by barcode printers.

The print head, in direct thermal printers, is utilized to create the heat that brings about a chemical reaction in a made-to-order paper which will turn dark. Although direct thermal printers are usually inexpensive, heat, direct sunlight, or chemicals can make the tags that they create unreadable.  It is important to consistently clean the print head and the ribbon of barcode printers. Dust particles can be the reason for the deformation of the barcodes. It is also important to constantly check the output of these ANSI application powered barcode printers to ensure the prevention of a system failure.

Similarly, thermal transfer printers also utilize heat however it is applied on the ribbon that has a resin or wax-like material that goes over the tag or the label material. The ink from the ribbon is shifter onto the paper. Long-term representations of information on the tag or label are made making use of a heated ribbon in the thermal transfer method compared to the printing of the representation directly onto the tag or label using the direct thermal method.

A variety of media can be used in printing barcode tags making use of the thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode printers. The number of barcodes can range from light weight printers to the all-around printers as well as the high speed heavy duty printers for a variety of needs. Industrial  label printers can vary from medium to the heavy duty up to the extra heavy duty devices. Existing software/ERP for on demand tag or label printing can be incorporated into these printers.

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The Importance of Barcode Printers in Modern Business

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This article was published on 2011/01/09